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  • BH1AOZ2000A - 2 Tonne Aluminium Trolley Jack

    100% aluminium trolley jack ensures a flexible and lightweight trolley jack. The trolley jack weighs only 25kgs. Quick approach to the lifting point thanks to the dual pistons which decrease the number of strokes by 50%. Equipped with rubber saddle to protect all surfaces and prevent slipping when in use. Useful tray located at the bottom of the handle for storage of tools, screws and nuts. Safety pressure valve preventing overloading. Nylon wheels for easy movement. Foam sleeve on the handle to protect against bumping the car body. Compiles with AS/NZS 2615 2004.

    BCL21 Electric Secateurs

    Bahco have released their lightweight Electric Secateur - the BCL21. It is ideal for use by professionals in viticulture, orchards and horticulture environments, and can also be used for maintenance work in parks and gardens.

    The compact blade of the BCL21 Electric Secateurs are manufactured in France, and enables a good clean cut of up to 35mm, which is ideal when fast pruning in confined spaces.

    It can undertake up to a full day’s work, which typically requires up to 10,000 cuts before the battery needs recharging.

    The BCL21 Electric Secateur weighs just 670g, which also reduces the risk of strain to the elbows and shoulders. Their comfortable grip is suitable for both left and right handed users.

    BahcoFit Screwdriver Range

    The BahcoFit range of screwdrivers has recently been launched in Australia and New Zealand. The BahcoFit range of screwdrivers arrives with a modern image, and with a patented handle design. Developed through a ground-breaking plastic technology, the two component handle has been designed with 75% of elastomer and with vertical grooves that make the perfect grip to the hand and anti-slip.

    Combined with performance alloy steel blades and with more than 50 years manufacturing screwdrivers, the BahcoFit screwdriver range now arrives to be the right screwdriver for professionals. 100% made in Spain. The BahcoFit screwdriver range is available in both standard and 1000v insulated types.

    ..."For everyone, for everything"

    Sledge Hammers – 488A series

    The Bahco Sledge Hammers are available in three head weights, 8lb/ 3.5kg, 10lb/4.5kg and 12lb/5.5kg. 

    All three sizes have octagon shared head, and all equipped with an over strike collar to help to protect the handle. All three sizes come with fibreglass handles that are strong and durable. The handles are equipped with a comfortable non-slip rubber grip.

    19 Pouch Hard Bottom Tool Bag – 4750FB2-19A

    The Bahco 19 pouch tool bag allows full access to your tools due to its wide opening. The polypropylene hard bottom allows for hard wearing and easy cleaning. The PVC over moulded zips allow for easy opening and closing even when wearing gloves.

    The 4750FB2 tool bag is equipped with a padded shoulder strip with easy click adjustment, along with a measuring tape and mobile phone holder section. The pockets, mini pockets, elastics and dividers outside and inside the tool bag for different sized tools. The 4750FB2 tool bag is also equipped with an adjustable spirit level holder strap.

    Individual Sockets and Accessories

    Bahco now have a limited range of 1⁄4” drive and 1⁄2” drive sockets and accessories. This new range has a matt finish, and are most of the items from our popular S87+7 and S106 socket sets.

  • ERGO Hammer 529-20-L

    We have recently released a new 20 oz ERGO Claw Hammer. This hammer is designed for heavy duty work. The head and the shaft consist of one piece which ensures the durability and the strength of the hammer.

    The specially designed shaft minimises vibrations. The long and curvy rubber grip provides a variety of grip positions, like a two handed grip or precision grip. The ERGO Hammer has an optimised balance which keeps the wrist in the best position to avoid muscle stress and gives you an effective striking performance like no other hammer does. The special claw design allows for more effective nail pulling even when the nail head is damaged.

    A specially designed surface is located on the head for striking sidewards when accessibility is limited. Integrating tapping plate with safety strap feature for working at height is located at the base of the handle.


    High leverage side cutting pliers with induction hardened cutting edges. Handles made of two component combination thermoplastic surface on tough polypropylene which gives a superior grip.

    Screw joint provides an excellent running and accurate alignment of the cutting edges. 140 head angle enables better accessibility. All 2101 G Side Cutting Pliers are equipped with a return spring featuring an on/off function.


    Self clamping, one-handed traditional stillson style wrench, spring loaded for ratchet like use. Body in traditional forged steel with anti-corrosion treatment.

    With induction, hardened jaws. Available in sizes: 8”, 10”, 12” & 14”


    Foldable pruning saw designed for pruning green wood with a fast and clean cut. Strong two component plastic handle with comfortable, non-slip grip. Safety lock operated folding blade (in open or closed position).

    Blade length: 190mm

    P110-23-F SECATEUR

    Top range by-pass Secateur for all round pruning. Stamped, pressed handles for strength with a fully hardened counter blade. Equipped with sap groove on the counter blade for easy removal of sap.

    Cutting capacity of 25mm with an overall length of 230mm.


    The Bahco heavy duty wrecking knife has a blade hardened to 58-61Hrc for a long lasting edge, and with a handle made from impact resistant PPE, the curved knuckle protector located on the handle can be used as a lever for hard work. The back edge of the wrecking knife can be struck with a hammer to make working faster. The 2448 wrecking knife can be used for making mortise joints in doors, splitting wood etc. A 4mm thick blade for heavy duty use, and the 100mm long blade allows increased striking area.

    Product Code: 2448


    Special saw for cutting holes in drywalls. The sturdy blade, with triple edge teeth ends in a sharp point which, together with the comfortable two component handle makes it perfect to use for the penetration of plasterboard. Thereafter the cutting can be continued to create the desired shape of the hole in the plasterboard.

    Product Code: PC-6-DRY


    Bahco sandflex bimetal holesaws cut excellently in most materials such as wood, plastics, non-ferrous and ferrous steel including stainless steel. The holesaws fit all power drills, both stationary and portable. Each Bahco holesaw is equipped with knock-out holes to allow easy removal of cores. Cutting depth maximum 38mm (1 1/2”). All Bahco holesaws have a varied pitch 4/6 tpi.

    Product Code: 3830


    4 hook pouch made from hardwearing polyester in order to resist and heavy duty wear and tear. The 4 hook pouch with rings to attached to lanyards which in turn attach to tools. The pouches allow for easy storage and accessibility of tools. Maximum tool weight is 3kg per hook.

    Product Code: 3875-MHP4


    Strong, flexible Sandflex reciprocating saw blades have powerful teeth of hardened HSS steel beam welded onto a flexible spring steel backing, giving both strength and flexibility to each blade. The recip blades are available in ST series for straight cutting, SL for all-round cutting, SC for contour cutting,  DSL heavy duty with coarse teeth for building and demolition work, and G Carbide Grit for precision cutting of extremely hard materials – glass, tiles, ceramics.

    Product Code: 3840


    The QCS Superior clamp has the speed of a Quick clamp but with extra lever to give the maximum force of 300kg. The Superior QCS range has been created for more demanding work where high-force clamping, strength and durability are required. The Power Lever and the glass fibre reinforced polyamide body allow the application of very strong pressure.

    Product Code: QCS


    Bahco range of Socket and Spanner Sets are manufactured of high performance alloy steel, with a matt finish, sets are available in a variety of configurations and drives, all inside a sturdy high density polythene (HDPE) case.

    Product Code: S Series


    The P116 loppers have strongly curved, large blade with a deep hooked counter blade allowing a large cutting capacity. Two edged radii blade with an evolving bevel for better durability and easier cutting in tough wood. Equipped with soft shock absorbing buffers for maximum comfort. The P116 loppers are extremely strong yet lightweight aluminium handles, with rubber grips for a comfortable use.

    Available in two lengths: 40cm & 60cm

    Product Code: P116-SL-60


    The ergonomic Secateur that improves your comfort, health and efficiency. The PXR ergonomic Secateur features vertical and lateral inclinations which keeps your wrist in the neutral position when cutting. The shape of the handles provides comfort and the elastomer coating on the upper handles helps to spread pressure evenly. The PXR Secateurs are available with small, medium and large rotating handles. The PX Secateurs are also available in small, medium and large non-rotating handles.

    Also available in left handed version.

    Product Code: PX and PXR


    QCB Quick Clamps has a clamping force of 200kg. Variable speed trigger mechanism that increases power as the head makes contact with the work piece. The QCB Quick clamps are available in lengths: 150mm / 300mm / 450mm / 600, 900mm & 1250mm. The QCB clamps can be converted into a spreader, just by using the orange spreader button to move the small clamping jaw.

    Product Code: QCB


    The 396-HP folding pruning saw is equipped with XT Toothing for a fast cut in hard, dry and live green wood. It has a strong two component plastic handle with a very comfortable non slip grip. Safety lock both in opened and closed position. Blade length: 19cm.

    Product Code: 396-HP


    Handy spring clamp with a moveable gripping surface for odd shapes. Available in 25mm and 50mm openings.

    Product Code: 420SC


    Open top tool bag for easy access and use. Equipped with a comfortable padded carry strap and handle, with 10 internal and 11 external packets, tape measure clip and spirit level straps. Waterproof base.

    Product Code: 3100TB


    Handsaw 550mm (22”) 8 tpi universal toothing with hardpoint teeth for long lasting sharpness, this handsaw is ideal for cutting many types of timber. Screwed one piece plastic handle for strength.

    Product Code: NP-22-U7/8-HP (22"/550mm)

    Product Code: NP-19-U7/8-HP (19"/475mm)


    Solid anodised aluminium scaffold level, 2500mm long with a 45 degree and 30 degree preset for quick angle setting. High precision +/- 0.5mm per metre accuracy. Rare earth magnetic base. The open style frame design makes handling easier.

    Product Code: 466-250


    Stainless Steel Measuring Tapes, available in 5 metre and 8 metre lengths. Rust proof, washable with all parts in stainless steel. Automatic blade locking for quick and easy measurements. DURA NY – Coat™ wear –resistant nylon coated blade, with non-reflective surface for better readability. Equipped with impact absorbing rubber for better grip and greater comfort, with integrated belt and button clip. Magnetic tip for ceiling measurement and magnetic pick up. Reverse blade printing for longer vertical measurements.

    Product Code: MTS-8-25 (8m)

    Product Code: MTS-5-25 (5m)


    The Bahco precision handsaw is ideal for cutting fine to medium thick timber, and will also cut PVC pipe, also good for mitre guide sawing. The precision handsaw has bevel ground hard-point teeth for long lasting sharpness, the length is 500mm long (20”) with 9/10 tpi. The blade shape provides good rigidity, thus combining in this saw the properties of a tenon saw and a conventional saw. Equipped with a screwed two-component handle for strength and comfort when sawing.

    Product Code: PC-20-PRC


    Bahco has a wide range of pliers and cutters for every use – from small convenient electronic cutters and high-precision gripping pliers pliers to sturdy cutters and heavy duty slip joint pliers. The extensive range of pliers meets all high-quality demands in terms of material and manufacturing processes as well as ergonomics and safety.


    Bahco’s file range represents the accumulated knowledge of more than 160 years of file production. Our file range is available with and without handles. Files with handles are ergonomically designed, to reduce muscle tension and the risk of injury. The hard polypropylene core, covered with a thermoplastic elastomer provides a comfortable non-slip grip, and the handles smooth contours fit into the hand naturally.

    Which Bahco file to use will depend on the work material and the desired finish. Bahco’s file range includes Engineering Files, Needle Files, Milled Tooth Files, Sharpening Files, Chainsaw Files and Rasps.


    Bahco Slip Joint Pliers are manufactured from high performance alloy steel, with handles in a two component combination, thermoplastic surface for a comfortable grip, on tough polypropylene core for strength and rigidity. Hardened jaws for flat and pipe shape gripping, along with teeth designed to ensure an excellent grip on most surfaces. Single thumb button adjustment.

    Available in sizes: 225mm, 250mm, 315mm


    The Bahco ERGO utility knife is equipped with an integrated button for smooth action and to shift the blade into three distinct positions. Narrow head for optimal visibility and precision. With a curved handle and ideal angle for a comfortable grip. Spare blades can be stored in the body of the blade. Replacement blades available.

    Product Code: KERU-01


    Ratchet spanners with metric sizes per spanner. Available in 3 piece, 4piece and 5 piece sets. One single ratchet wrench is useful for 4 different bolt / screw sizes. Equipped with an easy switch for quick change to right or left direction. The ratchet spanners are chrome plated with a matt finishing which provides high quality anti rust protection. All sets come with a practical storage pouch.

    Product Code: S4RM/3T (3 piece)

    Product Code: S4RM/4T (4 piece)

    Product Code: S4RM/5T (5 piece)


    The Bahco  T Handle screwdrivers have 2-component soft grip handle that provides extra comfort and reduces pressure points in the hand. The blade is manufactured of high quality steel, chrome plated and entirely hardened. The black finish tips on the Hex and Torx T-handle screwdrivers allows for higher accuracy, with the short 90 degree blade can be used for extreme torque or to work in areas where height is limited.

    The Bahco T-Handel screwdrivers are available in Hex, Torx and Nut Driver styles. Also available in sets of six pieces for each type.

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